I.A.U Organizations

Since 1999, students and faculty of InterAmerican University have benefited from the University’s membership in InterAmerican University International Network System, a consortium of 25 agencies, colleges and universities. IUNINS works with its member institutions to help their students and faculty gain access to many options available worldwide; to keep its members informed about opportunities for fellowship, scholarship, and research appointments; and to organize research alliances among its members.

The InterAmerican University International Network System manages, undergraduates, graduates, post-graduates, as well as faculty enjoy access to a multitude of opportunities for study and research. Students can participate in programs covering a wide variety of disciplines including business, humanities, engineering, and mathematics, among others. Appointment and program length range from one month to four years.

Education is enhanced through exposure to diversity in composition of the student body, faculty, staff, and administrators; including women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and various age groups and religions. The University has responded to the challenging responsibility of being located in a culturally diverse region by developing a unique blend of teaching, research, and service.

Teaching brings the benefits of scholarship and research to students and through them to the people of the area. IAU asserts that excellence in teaching traditional and non-traditional students is its central responsibility. A comprehensive undergraduate education, grounded in the arts and sciences, develops intellectual, cultural, and ethical qualities in its students. The innovative General Education Program challenges students to develop the analytical and critical skills necessary for life-long learning. IAU offers advance standing degrees in selected graduate programs as well as degrees in certain professional areas. Through learning begins at any time, graduates compete in the global intellectual community in which they live.

As a research university, IAU develops, integrates, disseminates, and applies knowledge. IAU Faculty maintain on-going programs of basic and applied research or creative activities appropriate to their disciplines. The University’s international environments provide a rich opportunity for research and creative scholarship, and for the use of that scholarship in the intellectual and cultural development of the region. The University’s commitment to fostering a research and creative environment harmonizes with the other aspects of its mission. IAU fulfills its outreach mission through its contributions to professional organizations and to the needs of the community.

The University promotes intellectual, cultural, and community development of the region through, for example, its artistic programs, lecture series, technical assistance, continuing education, and intercollegiate athletic programs.

I.A.U., through its research, teaching, and outreach roles, responds to individual needs and addresses broader issues as well, for instance, K-12 education, economic development, environmental initiatives, international programs, computing, and telecommunications.

The Consortium

The InterAmerican University International Network System, a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, was established to support I.A.U.’s mission. The Organization is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and Committees, including an Investment Committee, review the foundation’s financial position quarterly. An outside consultant also advises the Investment Committee on portfolio management, the selection of investment managers and allocation issues pertaining to fixed income and equities.

The InterAmerican University International Network System is a major vehicle for developing and accepting private gifts to I.A.U. I.A.U. desires that all private support be made payable through the IUNINS. The Organization manages a few endowment accounts and distributes income to the University and its associated colleges, schools, departments, programs and projects to promote academic enrichment. Sources of funds to the foundation are contributed by alumni, friends, parents, corporations and foundations. Outright gifts, trusts and bequests are received by the foundation. General accounts, as well as named accounts, are established to provide: financial assistance to students, faculty support and just about every need I.A.U. may have. All contributions should be made payable to the InterAmerican University International Network System. Any particular fund or department designation can be noted on the memo line or on supporting correspondence.