Legal Structure

Since 1978 InterAmerican University offers its students an exceptional educational opportunity: it’s private, has challenging academic programs, reflects many years of experience, prestige and reputation through its outstanding faculty, is located in many countries of the world, with closely knit campuses where students, professors and administrators really care about every single aspect.

Here are some facts:

Legal Status: The I.A.U. is the main patron of the IUNINS (InterAmerican University International Network System) and is fully registered and incorporated in Washington, D.C. and in California, as a non-for-profit 501 (c) (3) educational institution of higher learning. Both I.A.U. and IUNINS are also incorporated and licensed in Spain, Greece, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Taiwan.

I.A.U. Colleges and Schools: Despite the many institutions integrated, associated and/or affiliated to the IUNINS, the following ones integrate the I.A.U. Patronate:

The American University of Spain Siena College
The American University of Asturias Union College
The Spanish University of America Bryant and Stratton College
Atrium Monroe College
TransNations Jiao Tong University
International Women Congress Association for intercontinental Peace
University of Puerto Rico University of Alexandria, Egypt
Sabah Institute of Art, Malaysia Academiae Internationalis Singapore

Courses Offered:over 60

Certificate Associate Diploma Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree Doctoral Degree Distance Learning
Academic Exploration Program
(Undeclared Major – General Education Requirements)
Business Administration
Cinematographic Arts
Computer & Information Sciences
Foreign Languages
Graphic Design
Liberal Arts
Real Estate Management
Secretarial Studies
Travel and Tourism

Accreditation: The I.A.U. is globally accredited by the International Council on Education (I.C.E.). All institutions within  IUNINS are properly accredited by their respective regional agencies.

Other Recognitions: The United Nations and the United States Association of the United Nations.

Dual Programs: Through its member institutions, I.A.U. maintains articulation and/or dual degree agreements with other colleges an universities such as:

  • Saint George University International
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • New Hampshire College
  • Barrington University
  • American University of Hawaii

Housing: for on-campus students is provided in the International Residence Halls, with carefully selected local families, student hostels, dorms, or inexpensive hotels. In all circumstances, students will feel truly comfortable and happy. Accommodation with families include full room and board. All housing packages at the hostels or hotels include a continental breakfast each morning. Reservations must be made with at least three months prior to the semester’s beginning.

The Campuses: InterAmerican University currently hold campuses in the following areas:

The United States of America Lebanon
The European Union Taiwan
The People’s Republic of China Central America
The Arab Republic of Egypt Greece
Malaysia Singapore
South America Japan

Campus Atmosphere: Unique, Friendly and Cheerful.

Extracurricular Opportunities: Within the different I.A.U. campuses the following activities can be found: Skiing, mountain trekking, spectator sports (1st division soccer and basketball teams, hockey on skates, rugby, etc.), Dancing, hunting, fishing, water sports, concerts, exhibitions, etc.

Social Life: Shopping malls, discos, cafeterias, pubs, sports facilities, clubs, restaurants, (local, national, international), monuments, opera, rock concerts, theaters, etc.

Recreational Programs for Foreign Students: Trips and excursions, escorted outings, colloquia, parties, etc.

Safety: Absolutely guaranteed.

For further contact:

InterAmerican University
Executive Headquarters
322 W. 104th Street
Suite 2F
New York, NY 10025

Tel. 212 465-3434
Fax. 734 448-8254

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